The advanced digital x-rays at Peak Performance Chiropractic deliver less radiation than the old film x-ray machines. Your digital x-ray images are brought up on our computer system where they can be enhanced, inverted, digitally measured, or magnified.

This image modification on the computer minimizes the need for repeat x-rays. Further, your digital x-rays can be e-mailed to you or burned onto a CD. If necessary, Dr. Mecham will perform the digital x-ray right in our office and review the results immediately.

An in-house digital x-ray machine gives us the ability to detect dislocations, arthritis, degenerative joint disease, stress fractures and broken bones immediately so that a proper treatment plan can be developed. If severe conditions are diagnosed such as broken bones, we will refer you to the finest orthopedic doctors available.

While digital x-ray is an extremely useful tool for doctors to diagnose diseases and conditions, x-ray has certain limitations. X-rays cannot directly visualize soft-tissue injuries such as disc herniations and muscle, tendon or ligament tears.